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Questions about copyright 

Rosewood Manor’s needlework and quilting designs are all protected by the United States copyright laws. All rights are reserved. It is a violation of the federal copyright law to make and sell items from my copyrighted designs without my permission. It is also a violation of the federal copyright laws to copy and of my charts or patterns.

I am asked frequently to explain my position on copyrights. This written explanation is not copyright and you may share it will your friends, quilt guild, sewing classes, Girl Scout troop or any other group.

If you know of someone who is violating my copyrighted products by making and selling copies of my patterns and designs please let me know either by letter or by e-mailing me at

Thank you for respecting the copyright laws and the business Rosewood Manor has worked so hard to develop.

Copyright Protection- How important is it?

Many needle workers and quilters have discovered our designs and the fun of creating them. I am very happy that so many people enjoy my work. This is a big compliment to me and my company and I will work hard to produce more designs for you.

Many times I am contacted by someone requesting permission to make and sell finished items from my patterns. Other times I am contacted by a group about selling finished pieces to help raise money for charity.

While making and selling finished items or sharing a chart or pattern may seem a simple issue, these are violations of the federal copyright laws. It also has far reaching ramifications for my company, your local shop owner and the industry in general. In addition to breaking the law, these instances are in essence stealing from my company and the shops that carry my designs, all of which hurt the industry.

Rosewood Manor has been in business since 1998 and is currently found in several shops all around the world, so shop owners enjoy carrying our designs. Rosewood Manor has made an investment in time and money to develop a line of needlework and quilting patterns for shop owners to sell in their business.

If you copy and share those designs and patterns with friends we ALL loose business. Sharing is good, but not when it comes to copyrighted materials. Sharing of these will hurt your local shop owner who has to pay rent, utilities and invest in more inventory to keep their business open so you have a shop to visit.. Sharing of these will hurt me as a designer who has to pay for having charts and patterns printed, storing them until the sell and distributing/marketing the designs.

The way to look at “sharing” or “copying” a cross stitch chart or any copyrighted pattern or material is to liken it to shoplifting.  Really, sending a chart via email is EXACTLY the same thing - if you think it's wrong to take something from a shop without paying the, it's just as wrong to send or accept the same item through email. Either way you look at it, you've gotten something you didn't pay for.

One of the biggest reasons designers and shops hear for sharing is how expensive charts are; however, every chart that gets shared instead of purchased, is one step closer to another designer “retiring.” The amount of money designers make per design sold is fairly low - in order to make enough money to stay in business or even to pay for materials to keep designing they have to sell a fairly large number of charts. The more copies that are "shared" the less they make, so they either have to raise the price of each chart or go out of business. By stealing charts, you are one of the biggest contributors to the price of charts being as high as they are.


These designs are not given away—even “Free Charts” --that are given at Trunk Shows are copyrighted. These are used as an incentive by the shop owner and Rosewood Manor to help develop our businesses. Again, they cost money and time to produce, and sharing them is also a violation of copyright laws.

The copyright laws are there to protect my company, the shops and the industry. Every chart or patterns includes a copyright statement. If you are able to read the chart or pattern, then you can read the copyright statement.

No chart or pattern can be copied, reproduced as a finished item without the expressed written consent of Rosewood Manor.


Karen Kluba
Rosewood Manor
13531 Six Points Rd.
Carmel, IN 46032 

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