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The 30 page booklet is filled with large easy to read charts, "BE CREATIVE!" ideas and finishing instructions for the large tapestry.

Use any fabric and any color floss to create your own unique ABC Tapestry pieces!

DESIGN SIZE: ABC Tapestry 290 X 690, each mini sampler is 70 X 90.

FLOSS: I used DMC #3721. You will need approximately 1 skein of DMC floss to complete each letter and motif mini sampler. So please plan accordingly if you are using over-dyed floss since the yardage will change!. 

FABRIC: ABC Tapestry 32 ct. Linen, Antique Ivory 

Correction: There are some backstitching lines in the booklet that appear darker than others--such as the chart for the letter "C"--this was a mistake in my layout, please ignore the fact that some are darker than others, they are all supposed to be backstitched using 1 strand floss as directed.
Use the alphabet of individual mini samplers to create your own bellpulls as: personalize pieces, book covers, welcome banners and more! There are two extra sets of motifs to help fill your design.