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This 10 page booklet includes 2 alphabets for personalizing and 9 minis!

DESIGN SIZE: 266 X 178 stitches 

SUGGESTED FABRIC: Picture This Plus, 28ct Heartland over-dyed linen (Fat Quarter)

FLOSS: Weeks Dye Works

#1232--Palomino--1 skein

#1239--Flat Fish--2 skeins*

#1273--Grape Vine--3 skeins

#1276--Blue Spruce--1 skein

#1280--Verdigris--1 skein

#1284--Cadet--1 skein

#1303--Charcoal--2 skeins

#1313--Purple Haze--1 skein

#1318--Concord--2 skeins

#1330--Baked Apple--1 skein*

#1331--Brick--2 skeins

#1332--Red Pear--1 skein

#2107--Blue Jeans--1 skein

#2110--Jay Bird--1 skein*

#2152--Kentucky Bluegrass--1 skein

#2153--Cypress--1 skein

#2159--Seaweed--1 skein

#2166--Bayberry--2 skeins

#2198--Ivy--1 skein

#2221--Gold--1 skein

#2239--Terra Cotta--1 skein

#2253--Sanquine--1 skein

#2254--Cinnabar--1 skein*

#2256--Adobe--1 skein

NOTE: * at end of number of skeins means you may need one more skein!

NOTE:  The alphabet for this sampler was adapted from an antique sampler book.  There was no letter "J" in the chart!  So, I did not add it!  However, if you would like to add it--please email me for a pdj for the changes!  It will change the entire top part of the sampler!

CORRECTION--There is a typo--on the 1st page--in the FLOSS section. The WDW floss color number for Cinnabar reads as #2252---it should be #2254.  It is correct in the other pages of the pattern.

CORRECTION--On the bottom left-hand side of the leave border, the last leaf next to the "s symbol" flower, the symbol shows as "*"  it should be the "hourglass" symbol, just like all the others.  It is located on page 6 of the pattern.

CORRECTION--On the bottom left-hand side of the basket, there is a row of 5 "x" symbols.  You need to delete middle one of the five "x" symbols so that there are two sets of two.  This keeps the pattern of the spaces of the basket correct.