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 This 14 page booklet includes a small alphabet for personalizing, 5 mini charts and 2 small samplers!

The inspiration for this design was the research of antique American flags. The flag has evolved and changed for many reasons over the years. "Old Glory" waves proudly over many homes and public buildings throughout the USA. This is my salute to my country, the United States of America and our heroes.

I will be making a donation to "The Wounded Warriors Project" with each sale of this chart. 

DESIGN SIZE: 329 X 189 stitches

SUGGESTED FABRIC: Picture this Plus, Belfast 32ct, Heroic

NOTE:  Select the darkest side of the fabric to stitch on, so that the dye colors show well.


Note: On the cover model, some of the white stripes and stars were left blank with no stitching to show the beautiful marbling in the over-dyed fabric. If you do not leave them blank, you may need a bit more floss. You will also want to backstitch a vertical line at the end of each blank stripe. You can select the stripes or stars to leave blank to show off your fabric. All fabric will vary. Have fun and make your piece unique!

Corrections: On page 5 the specialty stitch instructions say to stitch the "red stripes" using a Smyrna Cross--however, the instructions for that the Smyrna Cross are shown on page 2 where it says "Diamond Star," the charted instructions are correct; however, the written instructions say 1 strand over "12" threads--it should say over 2 threads.  THERE ARE 10 SECTIONS--not 8 as shown on the first page of the booklet--sorry for the confusion---they are all shown in the chart however.