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This 10 page chart includes 8 minis, an alphabet for personalizing the piece, plus several BE CREATIVE! Ideas.

DESIGN SIZE: 170 X 270

SUGGESTED FABRIC: 28ct Picture This Plus, Truffle

SUGGESTED FLOSS: RMC-4--Rosewood Manor's Collection of Valdani Threads, plus 1 skein of DMC 310


*Page 7 there is a small basket of flowers, the curly stems on each side with an "L" symbol on each end. They do not match and they should, the one on the left-hand side is correct.  .
*Page 8 the "x" color O78 in the top of the flower motif above the letters B and C do not match. It should be a mirror image,  the right-hand side should match the left-hand side.
*The 3 stitches in the bee's wings that call for Valdani 0196, should be stitched in DMC 310.
*The color chart on each page shows the DMC color number at the top of the section and at the top of the VAL color numbers.  Do not want to cause confusion.

All of these mistakes will be corrected in the second printing of this chart, SO YOU MAY NOT NEED THEM!!