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This 6 page booklet also includes several small motifs and loads of ideas for using them! 

Charm is included---WHILE SUPPLY LAST!

DESIGN SIZE: 70 X 250 stitches

FABRIC: 28ct Cream linen

FLOSS: Sampler Threads from The Gentle Art--Bayberry, Cranberry, Berry Cobbler, Blueberry & Weeks Dye Works--Raspberry, Mulberry, Strawberry Fields

MILL HILL BEADS: # 02075, # 03004, # 42024, # 40374

Additional charms are available --#CH-001

Additional supplies recommended:
A variety of Bellpull Rods are available:
#6001Natural rod (no cord) or
#6001-C Natural rod with pre-made cream cord 

Color washed rods are also available

Corrections: Please note that three of the floss colors used are from Weeks Dye Works instead of Sampler Threads--Raspberry, Strawberry and Blackberry; which I understand has been discontinued! Please use 1316 MULBERRY instead.

Page 1--In the list of beads from Mill Hill--please delete #40344--it does not exist.
The color charts for pages 2,3 & 4 should NOT say "DMC" at the top. DMC is used ONLY for the "Bonus Charts" on page 6.

Page 2--In the directions for beads for center of large flower: Instead of #40344 it should be #40374. Also--Beads--flower pots change the # to 03004.

Page 6, the symbols used for the Bonus Charts on the last page are missing please print the pdf below, or send me an e-mail or I will be happy to mail them to you. C-001-mini1.pdf