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This 10 page booklet includes 3 extra borders, 2 smalls and an alphabet for personalizing the piece, plus several BE CREATIVE! ideas 

DESIGN SIZE: 268 X 166 stitches 

SUGGESTED FABRIC: Picture This Plus, 28ct Shale, Cashel Linen

Note: Fabric needs to be dark enough so that light floss colors show up when completed.   

SUGGESTED FLOSS: Weeks Dye Works # 1106 (1 skein), #1133 (1 skein), #1156 (1 skein), #1171 (2 skeins), #1256 (3 skeins), #1271 (1 skein), #1298 (2 skeins), #2200 (2 skeins), #2254 (2 skeins)  

VERSE:  "Down in a greened and shady bed A modest bluebell grew It's stalk was bent, it hung it's head As if to hide from view. And yet it was a lovely flower It's colors bright and fair It might have graced a rosy bower Instead of hiding there. Then let me to the valley go The pretty flower to see That I may also learn to grow In sweet humility."

NOTE POSSIBLE CORRECTIONS: There are some errors in the verse.  There are 2 places where the word “It’s” is incorrect.  There should not be an apostrophe - it should be “Its” because in the context it is used, it is possessive. With the apostrophe, it means “it is”.  The other thing I noticed is that it says “stalks was”.  It should be either “stalk was” or “stalks were”.  AS NOTED ON THE BACK COVER---I FOUND THIS VERSE IN A BOOK OF ANTIQUE SAMPLER VERSES/SAYINGS.  I DESIGNED THE SAMPLER AS WRITTEN IN THAT BOOK, BY THAT SAMPLER MAKER.  YOU ARE VERY WELCOME TO CHANGE IT.